Process of Production

1. ConSteel? continuous feeder with pre-heating system allows stable and accurate proportion of scrap and pig iron while increases temperature of the materials from ambient to 600 degree Celsius by exhaust gas so that energy required for melting is conserved.

2. AC Electric Arc Furnace - EAF, one of the world's three largest electric arc furnaces, liquidates metallic [nput at a temperature of 1,600 degree Celsius. This process ensures all compositions are thoroughly melted and undesirable elements eliminated.

3. Ladle Heating Furnace - LH F refines chemical composition of molten steel accurately via addition of alloys and essential materials through computerized control system and rechecking the proportion in laboratory; assuring the quality of all GJS products meets the appropriate worldclass standard and customer requirements.

4. Vacuum Oxygen Degasser - VOD significantly reduces the proportion of carbon and nitrogen. The steel produced with a low proportion of carbon to 0.001% meets various applications of automotive industry perfectly.

5. OSP? Continuous Thin Slab Casting Machine transforms liquid steel to slab with 50 or 60-mm thickness and 900 to 1600-mm width then cuts it to 10 to 40 metric ton each as per customer requirements. With thin slab, rolling energy is less required than conventional slab's.

6. Tunnel Furnace heats the slab to required temperature for rolling and ensures even and consistent temperature throughout the steel, with least variations.

7. CSPO Six-Stand Finishing Mill with CVCO system, used by the world's leading steel manufacturers, enables GJS to roll steel strip thickness at 1 to 25 mm with good profile and flatness. In the future, GJS will also capable to handle 0.8 mm thick steel strip, when the seventh stand starts operating.

8. Down Coiler with advanced technology winds the rolled strip into a coil of up to 40 metric tons, with a 762-mm inner diameter.

9. Recoil Temper Mill - RTM is used to move the yield point. The temper mill can also produce products requiring a special, flat surface.

10. Push Pull Pickling Line - PPPL removes hot rolled scale and protects the free surface with oil so that the material is ready for further processing in automotive and electric appliance industries. This process could handle up to 50,000 tons per month.

11. Continuous Pickling, Galvanizing & Galvanealing Line - CGL is the most advance rust-preventive technique designed for products used in modern construction and automotive industries.